• Mitsubishi 1.8L 4G93 2.0L 4G94 ARP Head Stud Set MI15001

ARP Custom Made Head Stud Kit Mitsubishi 1.8L 4G93 2.0L 4G94

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Product Description

Custom set of head studs for Mitsubishi 1.8L 4G93 and 2.0L 4G94 engines. This kit is assembled using ARP hardware only.

Kit includes:

  • 10 studs
  • 10 nuts
  • 10 parallel ground washers
  • 1 ARP torque lube

ARP's studs are made out of premium 8740 alloy, far superior than aircraft quality alloys. They are heat treated to 200,000 psi; and thread rolled after heat treat (which results in 1000% better fatigue strength than studs that are thread rolled prior to heat treat). These studs will make it much easier to re-assemble an engine ( especially a racing power plant which must be serviced frequently and quickly!) because the cylinder head and gasket are guaranteed a proper alignment. These ARP studs also provide a much more accurate and consistent torque loading. This is a custom set that is put together by ASP using only ARP fasteners.


  • 2001-2007 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0L (4G94)
  • 1993-2001 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.8L (4G93)