• Wiseco 80.00mm Piston Ring Set

Wiseco 80.00mm Piston Ring Set 8000XX


Product Description

Wiseco's XX piston ring sets feature a stainless steel, gas-nitrided, barrel-faced top ring. They also contain an under-hook style, cast iron, phosphate-coated, taper-faced second ring. Oil rings in the XX sets are 3-piece assemblies with gas-nitrided rails and a stainless steel, flex-vent spacer.

Aplication                                                                                                Engine Code

Peugeot / Citroen                                      106 / 206 / 207 / C3 / C4                                         Tritec / TU5JP4

Opel / Vauxhall                                          Corsa                                                                           X16XE

Ford / Crosworth                                       ESCORT / FIESTA RS TURBO                               CVH / LNA

Lotus                                                            ELISE                                                                          K-SERIES Engines

This set is for one piston, if you need a rings set for more than one piston, please select the quantity you need and add to cart or change quantity during checkout.

Ring Specifics:
Top Ring: 1.0mm (.039)
Second Ring: 1.2mm (0.47)
Oil Ring: 2.8mm (.110)
Bore size: 80.00 mm

This set of piston rings will also fits JE pistons, Arias pistons, Venolia pistons and CP pistons. Verify piston groove measurements before ordering if you are unsure.

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