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  • Honda K24 Piston and Rod Set - Wiseco Molnar

Honda K24 Piston and Rod Set - Wiseco Molnar


Product Description

Set of forged Wiseco pistons and Molnar rods for Honda K24 motors. Wiseco pistons are CNC machined from a forged aluminum alloy, feature Wiseco's Armor Glide™ and Armor Plating™, valve pocket design, and crown shape. Wiseco pistons are made in the United States. Molnar H-beam connecting rods are made from 4340 steel, heat treated and shot peened. The rods feature bronze bushings and ARP2000 rod bolts. For all the piston options and specs of each set please view chart in description bellow. We try to have as much inventory as possible, but due to the large variety of pistons please contact us prior to purchase to confirm piston and rod availability and choose from drop down menu bellow. Free shipping to the United States (Alaska and Hawaii included) is via USPS Priority Mail.

Wiseco Pistons:

On and off the street, you can depend on the maximum strength and minimum variance of Wiseco's aluminum-forged pistons for your sport compact vehicle. Wiseco's pistons outgun cast and hypereutectic pistons, giving you stronger pistons and tighter tolerances than any other part in your engine, with less internal and external machining. The advanced forging, extensive heat-treat, and finishing process assure you of the performance and reliability you demand from your engine.

Wiseco sport compact pistons feature Generous Valve Pocket Design that allow maximum flow around valve; and Piston Crown shapes designed to promote maximum intake charge efficiency through scavenging mixture "Cross Flow' during intake and exhaust valve overlap, which equates to more fuel and air, thus more horsepower. Wiseco pistons are also designed to optimize squish or quench during the compression-combustion cycle, resulting in resistance to detonation and pre-ignition. The end product is longer engine life and increased horsepower potential. Additionally, the pistons feature Complex Piston skirt profiles that reduce power robbing friction, yet promote stability in bore for optimum ring seal. Wiseco has also added their Armor Glide™ coating to most sport compact pistons which reduces power robing friction. Select sets also have Wiseco's Armor Plating™ which reduces heat on the dome, reduces the effects of detonation, and creates a hard yet smooth surface for the rings to rest on. Every piston features precision CNC machined ring grooves with proper orifice/accumulator volume using calculated groove root diameters and axial widths, and have excellent surface finish and flatness providing maximum ring seal that minimizes blow-by and oil consumption. Finally, Wiseco utilizes the latest technologies featuring forged shapes, advanced materials, and featured aligned grain flow technology, in their world class forging facility.

Part number : See chart bellow
Bore and oversize : See chart bellow
Stroke : 3.386"
Rod length : 5.472"
Compression height : 1.181"
C/R and piston cc : See chart bellow
Piston Pin : 22mm

Molnar Rods:

Molnar H-Beam Connecting Rods are made from 4340 billet material, heat treated to increase tensile strength, and shot peened to increase fatigue life. All rods have a wear resistant bronze bushing for long wrist pin life and feature ARP2000 fasteners. All Molnar Technologies connecting rods are finished right here in the United States. 2 types of rods are available, "Turbo" (HH5472FFB4-A) which are reinforeced and thus a little heavier than the "Lightwieght" (HH5472FFB4-L4-A).

Part number : HH5472FFB4-A / HH5472FFB4-L4-A
Center to center : 5.472"
Hone size : 2.008"
Big end width : 0.782"
Pin size : 22mm
Small end width : 0.782"
Weight : +/-502g / +/-450g
Rod Bolt : 3/8" ARP2000

Piston Chart :

Part Number  Bore and Oversize  Compression and cc
 K622M87  87.00mm, std  8.7:1, -21cc
 K622M875  87.50mm, .020"  8.8:1, -21cc
 K622M88  88.00mm, .040"  8.9:1, -21cc
 K568M87  87.00mm, std  10.2:1, -9cc
 K568M875  87.50mm, .020"  10.3:1, -9cc
 K568M88  88.00mm, .040"  10.4:1, -9cc
 K568M89  89.00mm, .080"  10.6:1, -9cc
 K631M87  87.00mm, std  11.0:1, -3.4FT
 K631M875  87.50mm, .020"  11.2:1, -3.4FT
 K634M87  87.00mm, std  12.8:1, 5cc
 K634M875  87.50mm, .020"  12.9:1, 5cc
 K634M88  88.00mm, .040"  13.0:1, 5cc
 K634M89  89.00mm, .080"  13.3:1, 5cc
 K634M895  89.50mm, .100"  13.4:1, 5cc
 K573M87AP  87.00mm, std  13.5:1, 8cc
 K573M875AP  87.50mm, .020"  13.7:1, 8cc
 K573M88AP  88.00mm, .040"  13.8:1, 8cc
 K573M89AP  89.00mm, .080"  14.0:1, 8cc
 K650M87AP  87.00mm, std  14.2:1, 10.5cc
 K650M875AP  87.50mm, .020"  14.4:1, 10.5cc
 K650M88AP  88.00mm, .040"  14.5:1, 10.5cc
  K650M89AP  89.00mm, .080"  14.8:1, 10.5cc

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