• Honda B18C Integra Type-R GS-R ACL Bearing Set Main Rod Thrust STD

Honda B18C Integra Type-R GS-R ACL Bearing Set Main Rod Thrust STD


Product Description

ACL Bearing feature: - High strength overlay plate with reduced thickness for improved fatigue properties - Hardened steel backs on all rod bearings to improve the support of the bearing lining and assist with bearing retention in the housing. - Increased crush for improved bearing retention -Elimination of flash plating on the back of the bearings to improve heat transfer through the bearing sand to maximize the grip between the bearings and its housing. -Increased eccentricity to compensate for bore distortion at high rpm and to assist in the formation of hydrodynamic oil films. - 3/4 grooved Main Bearings to optimize bearing load carrying surface area and oil flow to the con-rod bearings. - Tight consistent wall tolerances to help you maintain consistent clearances. - Enlarged ID chamfers on bearing edges where required to accommodate large fillet radius on performance crankshafts. Included is some ARP toque lubricant to apply to the bolts and/or studs of your engine when reassembling it. For Honda B18C1 and B18C5 engines.

Fits: 1994-2001 Acura Integra GS-R and Integra Type-R.

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