• Honda Acura K20 K24 Stage 4 Clutch Kit 6 Pad Solid Disc Competition Clutch

Honda Acura K20 K24 Stage 4 Clutch Kit 6 Pad Solid Disc Competition Clutch 8037-0620


Product Description

Competition Clutch stage 4 clutch kit for Honda/Acura 2.0L K20 and 2.4L K24 engines. The clutch kit comes complete with a performance pressure plate, a 6 puck solid ceramic disc, release bearing, a pilot bearing, and a clutch alignment tool. Each disc features 12 high-coefficient ceramic pads for quick engagement and extreme duty friction. Competition Clutch's specifically designed high torque disc delivers maximum holding capacity without compromise. The unsprung disc is lighter than its sprung counterpart, helping reduce rotational mass in the drive train. The absence of a sprung assembly also provides a harder engagement. Pressure plate load: 1700lbs. Disc size and spline 210 x 1 1/32 x 24T. 300 mile break in is recommended. Rated at 300 torque at the wheels. Pressure plate bolt set included. Fits 2002-2006 Acura RSX, 2002-2005 Honda Civic Si with Type-s flywheel, and 2006 and up Civic Si.

Stage 4 Rigid - Strip Series 0620 Clutch Kit
This assembly, available with a six puck rigid plate is good for penetrating engagement with higher horsepower applications.  This disc complimented by a performance pressure plate provides up to 250% increase in torque capacity. 300 mile break-in recommended with this set-up. Rated at 300 torque.
The 0620 Series kit includes a performance pressure plate, a 6 puck torque rigid disc with Ceramic buttons, all applicable bearings and the appropriate alignment tool.