• Honda D Series D15 D16 Blockguard 1813001

Block guard for Honda Acura D series D15 D16 D17 Civic CRX SOHC


Product Description


Block guard for Honda/Acura D Series Engine: D15 D16 D17 Civic CRX SOHC

Block guards help prevent catastrophic engine failure. Blockguard is a must for turbo, NOS and supercharged applications.

Using a block guard on your engine turns your open deck into semi-closed deck with machined coolant passages that promote critical coolant flow especially where the cylinders join, other brand block guards may create destructive hotspots around cylinders, and increase the chances of engine failure.

Our block guards are machined to be slightly oversized (.500 or 1/2 in) to compensate for the cylinder walk flaw common in open-block designs, and to ensure a water tight seal around each cylinder when pressed in your block. The scalloped design stabilizes the block and provides better temperature control.

Our block guard is custom design using computer Aided Drafting for precision, CNC milled from aircraft-grade 6061 Aluminum, and made in the USA.

Benefits of a block guard:

  • Reinforces the block
  • Reduces cylinder walk
  • Features coolant passages to prevent overheating