• ARP 102-5401 MAIN STUD KIT 2.4L KA24DE KA24E

ARP Main Stud Kit for Nissan 2.4L KA24DE KA24E 102-5401

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Product Description

Kit comes with (10) studs, (10) parallel ground washers, and (10) 12-point nuts for a direct bolt on, as well as the ARP moly-lube and instruction sheet.
MAIN stud kit! For bolting the main caps.

Why use studs? Studs allows for a more accurate torque reading and stronger clamp force. ARP studs are a great and easy upgrade when building or rebuilding your engine.
ARP main studs are used to connect the main caps to the engine block.

Main studs eliminate main cap walk, as well as protect the threads of the block. ARP recommends to use main studs over main bolts whenever possible. This is because of the studs ability to provide a more accurate torque reading because studs don't twist in the block as they are torqued down. All clamping forces are on one axis. There is also less force exerted on the block threads, which improves the engine block's life. Finally, studs allow for proper alignment of the main caps and easier engine assembly.

ARP studs are made from premium 8740 alloy, rated far superior to aircraft quality materials. Each set is heat treated to 200,000 psi, thread Rolled after heat treating, which results in a stud 1000% better than studs that are thread rolled prior to being heat treated. The kit includes 12-point nuts and hardened parallel ground washers. Using studs will make it much easier to assemble an engine. Studs provide more accurate and consistent torque loading. When you use bolts, the fastener is actually being twisted as torque is being applied to the it. The bolt is thus reacting to two different forces simultaneously.

Applications: Nissan KA24DE KA24E 2.4L 102-5401